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Sauna And Steam Bathing

According to historians, the practices of sauna and steam bathing can be traced back thousands of years. But the rituals that take place in these dimly lit rooms can often feel daunting and mysterious to the uninitiated. At Tylö, we believe that everyone should be able to experience the relaxation and peace that these ancient traditions can bring.

If you’re wondering how to navigate sauna and steam bathing; how long to stay in, what to wear – or not — and what to do before and after, we’ve gathered some information and advice to help you embrace the heat like a natural.

Tylö Life Saunas & 
Steam Rooms

Our saunas and steam rooms are designed with your home and lifestyle in mind, customisable to suit your own unique needs. Choose from traditional saunas, infrared saunas, steam showers, steam rooms, and more.

Inspired by traditional values, equipped with the latest tech. Control your settings remotely via the cloud, connect your favourite tunes to the Bluetooth speakers, or relax with chromotherapy lights. 

Our Harmony and Reflection sauna cabins represent the pinnacle of modern design, while the Panacea and Vista steam cabins offer a relaxing environment with a higher humidity. Can’t decide? The Panacea Twin brings sauna and steam together in one unit. We also offer the latest Tylösand infra sauna cabins, sauna and steam accessories, and more – the perfect choice for both domestic and commercial installations.

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Sauna, steam, and infrared solutions that integrate seamlessly with your home.

With a huge passion for sauna and wellness, a solid foundation in traditional craftsmanship, and a wealth of industry knowledge, Tylö always strives to create the best possible products – changing our customers’ lives in the process. When you invest in our designs, you’re not just buying a sauna or steam room: you’re making an investment in your health and future.

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We have a network of trusted dealers across the country, each with the knowledge and experience to help you select your dream sauna from our range. If you’d like to find out more, please call us direct on 01271 378100 or use the contact form.

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