About Tylö 

Founded in 1951, Tylö’s saunas and steam rooms are known, trusted, and enjoyed in over 90 countries worldwide.

You can find our products in luxury hotels, renowned health spas, and private homes – even on board a super yacht and within the hallowed confines of a Buddhist monastery.

For 60 years we’ve been constantly improving and innovating, remaining at the cutting edge of the sauna industry even as customers’ needs have continued to evolve.

Today, we offer everything that you need to begin enjoying the benefits of sauna and steam bathing in your own business or home.

Tylö Sauna And Steam.

Sven-Olof Janson;
The Founder.

Tylö founder Sven-Olof served as an electrical engineer in the Swedish army before embarking on a new career designing and building heat pumps. His goal was to improve on existing products and develop a more efficient solution.

The Tylö story began in earnest in 1951 when the Finnish consul, who was living in Halmstad, paid a visit to the engineer. This gentleman, like Sven-Olof, believed that the sauna heaters on the market at the time were far too expensive and inefficient. And so he issued a challenge to improve on these designs.

Sven-Olof didn’t just succeed in making a sauna heater that satisfied his client; his work inspired such enthusiasm within the Finnish consul that he began to realise there could be a significant business opportunity waiting to happen. There was clearly demand in the market, and he has the skills necessary to fill the gap.

Although Sven-Olof now had a successful electrical heater manufacturing business making heaters for a range of markets, he remained intrigued by the idea of sauna heaters and continued to design and experiment for the next ten years.

In 1960, Sven-Olof moved into a brand new factory and it was in this new plant that the company that came to be known as Tylö produced its first commercial sauna heaters.

Where Tylö Sauna And Steam Is Today. 

Sven-Olof wasn’t content to just make heaters for saunas. He wanted his philosophy of the best design and highest construction standards to apply to the whole sauna experience.

Tylö have developed their thinking and philosophy into a broader view of saunas. Having moved far beyond simple wooden cabins with a heater and some plain benches, Tylö now epitomise the concept of the health spa in the home.

Relaxation, fitness, and health have become increasingly important to people all over the world and Tylö is at the forefront of supplying products to satisfy that market trend.

Although Tylö have come a long way over the last 50 years they are still based in Halmstad and, in a way, that says something about them too; a company that balances forward-looking design and technology with a strong sense of heritage and tradition.

Tylö catalogue

Sauna, steam, and infrared solutions that integrate seamlessly with your home.

With a huge passion for sauna and wellness, a solid foundation in traditional craftsmanship, and a wealth of industry knowledge, Tylö always strives to create the best possible products – changing our customers’ lives in the process. When you invest in our designs, you’re not just buying a sauna or steam room: you’re making an investment in your health and future.

Tylo Sauna And Steam Dealers In The UK 

We have a network of trusted dealers across the country, each with the knowledge and experience to help you select your dream sauna from our range.

Dealers are supported through regular seminars and training sessions on the full Tylö range, including visits to the Swedish factory to experience first-hand the quality and craftsmanship involved in the design and production of our products.